Fiscal Citizenship and Taxpayer Privacy

Alex Zhang

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The Origins of U.S. Territorial Taxation

Alex Zhang

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Rethinking Eisner v. Macomber, and the Future of Structural Tax Reform

Alex Zhang

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Separation of Structures

Alex Zhang

Virginia Law Review, vol. 110, 2024

Antidiscrimination and Tax Exemption

Alex Zhang

Cornell Law Review, vol. 107, 2022

Ostracism and Democracy

Alex Zhang

New York University Law Review, vol. 96, 2021

Pandemics, Paid Sick Leaves, and Tax Institutions

Alex Zhang

Loyola University Chicago Law Journal, vol. 52, 2021

The Wealth Tax: Apportionment, Federalism, and Constitutionality

Alex Zhang

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Damnatio Memoriae and Black Lives Matter

Alex Zhang

Stanford Law Review Online, vol. 73, 2020

The State and Local Tax Deduction and Fiscal Federalism

Alex Zhang

Tax Notes, vol. 168, 2020

Section 1033 Gain Deferral in the Time of COVID-19

Lee Kelley, Kandyce L. Korotky, Jeffrey Zink, Alex Zhang

Tax Notes, vol. 169, 2020


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